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Intelligent Leaders is about "the relentless pursuit of intelligent growth." For those of you who are striving for excellence in everything you do, intelligent leaders is an optimum resource for positive change and growth.

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We strive to help intelligent leaders develop a solid foundation, business strategies, personal insights to growth and learning to become more successful individually and within work teams. We feed on information and, in particular, new insights into leadership. Find out how we can help you personally and your business today!

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Intelligent Leaders is relentlessly focussed on intelligent growth and learning. What do we know and what do we need to learn to exceed all expectations. We are looking for like-minded individuals who strive for excellence.       

Scott L. Brush, Pastor

I have had the privilege of taking a number of mentor training courses with Wayne Townsend and have been more than impressed with his ability to teach, facilitate and learn from the experiences. Wayne really is an expert in being able to put into practice what he is teaching... right there in the training room! More than this, he has always been ready & willing to answer questions and support each group participant, both in the training session and in the community. I would highly recommend Wayne as a trainer and facilitator!

Lisa Jones, Calgary Foster Parents
Mentor Program Coordinator

Wayne Townsend came out to Calgary and did an awesome job with our mentor training at the Calgary & District Foster Parents Association. They were thrilled with his workshop giving him excellent marks on their evaluations. He was personable, well- informed, thoughtful and kept everybody engaged. 

Sheila, Health Care Nurse, Waterloo
What an awesome facilitator. There were twenty participants in our group. Not only did we have fun with the exercises; but we also, established some great relationships. Because of the divergence within our group, Wayne, you showed your facilitation skills by supporting the group to work through the issues and work together toward solutions. 

Brenda Halloran, Mayor of Waterloo

I certainly enjoyed our time together and cannot thank you enough for your time and interest. I have read both articles and give my full stamp of approval for publishing and appreciate your insight and the direction you took with each article. I am proud to be a part of your writing and feel very honoured to have been interviewed.

I look forward to hearing from you again Wayne and am happy to meet at any time to discuss mentoring and leadership - I learn so much from these interactions! 

Nancy Prenevost, Canadian Real Estate Women

Wayne, thanks! I thought it was a great session with lots of good feedback from last year's mentors which really added some nice context for this year. 


George Kehayas, PMP Manager - TMMC (Toyota) 
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to again thank-you for your presentation last week at Golf's. Your energy and passion helped make the evening a hit.

It was a pleasure meeting you and I wish that we had more of a chance to converse and share experiences. I hope that our paths do cross again sometime soon.

Derrick Mueller, Thisway Communications
Wayne is a man who always has a smile. He is personable, warm and a man of integrity. He has a passion to see people grow and make a difference. He is a mentor and a coach who wants to be part of positive change and input into the lives he comes in touch with. I have worked with him as a board member, connected as colleagues and have enjoyed his musical gifts at community events. 

Kerry Johnston, Consultant Ottawa

Canadian Council of the Blind

How do you rate the quality of the facilitation and the organization of the mentor leadership training program?
Excellent=9 Very Good=3 Good=0 Adequate=0 Poor=0

The facilitator certainly listened and went the extra mile to provide a comfortable and respectful situation for the group.

Very well done, interactive, and developed a good network.

Nothing but excellent. Kept it interesting for all, extremely organized, knowledgeable and very willing to learn and adapt to our needs.

Wayne Townsend was an incredible facilitator. He also took the time to
prepare for our workshop by visiting members before hand so he himself would feel more comfortable during the week long program with us.

Thanks to Wayne, the week long training program went very smoothly and was kept on track.

The development of friendship and support with other mentors across Canada has created a foundation which will be of great value. Documents received and resources given, on the Internet, will add to what we achieved during, an intense, well thought out program.

Follow up from Wayne has been GREAT!

Delee Fromm, Fromm & Goodhand


Wayne Townsend provides a wonderful understanding of mentoring concepts using practical exercises, creativity and interactive discussions. He allows participants space for discovery and provides an environment that is safe, allowing for openness and curiosity. He has a wonderful ability to connect with audiences that lets them have fun while learning. In short he does a great job! 

Rey Carr, Peer Resources, Victoria, BC    www.peer.ca

I was fortunate to get an advanced copy of Wayne Townsend's book "Intelligent Leaders: Let Me Know When You Find One." I had the opportunity to write a brief review. My comments are included in the book. But I had to shorten them. That is, I couldn't find a way to include all the things I wanted to say about what a great book it was. You'll probably see just from the title that it has a humourous bent, but it's also filled with incredible wisdom about leadership.

In my youth I worked for many companies and I wish the leaders of those corporate giants had read Wayne's book. Sure, many of them had a sense of humour, but they were jesting about the wrong things. Wayne's book zeroes in on what's important, what matters most, and how to make it happen for others in various settings.

The book is also timely in Canada since an election is taking place in October. Let's hope our future leaders read Wayne's book and decide whether they have the emotional intelligence to stay the course.

Intelligent Leaders

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